- Programming language Types and Paradigms.

- Why Java?

- Java Designing Goal.

- Role of Java Programmer in Industry.

- JVM The heart of JAVA

Language Fundamentals

- Installation

- Java Source File Structure

- Compilation

- Executions

- Basic Language Elements


- Organizing Classes and Interfaces in Packages.

- Defining Package.

- Making JAR Files for Library Packages.

Exception Handling

- Exceptions & Errors and Types of Exception

- Control Flow In Exceptions and JVM reaction to Exceptions

- Use if try, catch, finally, throw, throws in Exception Handling

- In-built and User Defined Exceptions and checked and Un-Checked Exceptions

Multi Threading

- Understanding Threads and Needs of Multi-threaded Programming.

- Thread Life-Cycle and Creating Child Threads.

- Use if try, catch, finally, throw, throws in Exception Handling

- Synchronizing Threads and Wait(), notify() and notifyAll() and Critical Factor in Thread DeadLock

GUI Programming

- Designing Graphical User Interfaces in Java.

- Layout Managers and AWT Components and Event-Driven Programming in Java

- Adapter Classes as Helper Classes in Event Handling and Anonymous Inner classes a Short cut to Event Handling.

- Built-in Dialog Boxes and FileDialog and Extending GUI Features Using Swing Components


- Applet & Application and Applet Architecture and Parameters to Applet.

- Embedding Applets in Web page and Applet Security Policies.

Collections Framework & Utility Classes

- Introduction to Collection Framework and Utility Methods for Arrays.

- Interfacings and Regular Expression.