Inplant Training in Chennai for EIE Students

For inplant training in chennai for E&I students trainings in Instrumentation, Controls and Electrical Training and YPC and PLC and DCS or SCADA and Power Electronics.
We will train your skills in a better way through our inplant training.

This Training includes the following Certificates and Documents:

  • Inplant Training(IPT) Certificate.
  • Training Documents.
  • Free Workshop Certificate.
  • Sample Resume for Placement.
  • Free Corporate Training Test certificate.
  • Useful Softwares.
  • Inplant Training(IPT) Report.
  • Corporate Training Test Portal Access.
DAY 1 Inplant Training in Chennai for EIE Students


Introduction to Embedded Systems

Introduction to Arduino

Kit Contents Overview

Arduino IDE & Driver Installation

Arduino Board Overview

Program Structure Overview

Working with Digital Outputs

Circuit #1 - Your First Circuit: Blinking a LED

DAY 2 Inplant Training in Chennai for EIE Students

Digital I/O's

Introduction to Digital Inputs

Working with switches

Circuit #2 - Multiple LEDs

Circuit #3 - Spinning a Motor

Circuit #4 - Buzzer

Circuit #5 - Photo resistor

DAY 3 Inplant Training in Chennai for EIE Students

Analog I/O's

Working with Analog Inputs – LDR [Light Sensor]

Circuit #6 - Building A Simple LDR based Lighting Level Controller

Circuit #7- Working with Analog Outputs – RGB LEDs

Circuit #8 - Controlling the blink speed of an LED with Potentiometer

Circuit #9 - Working with Analog Inputs – LM35 [Temperature Sensor]

DAY 4 Inplant Training in Chennai for EIE Students

Advanced I/O Operations & Displays

Working with Serial Communication

Circuit #10 - Working with Liquid Crystal Displays

Working with 'millis()' and 'micros()'

DAY 5 Inplant Training in Chennai for EIE Students

Project Building

Building a Custom Project as a Team


  • Bonafide Certificate is not mandatory.


- We will be open on all days including Saturday and Sundays.

- Training Sessions can be schedule even during college holidays such as study holidays and semester holidays.

- Hostel Facilities Available for out station students both boys and Girls near our company.


- Practical and real time Training

- Flexible timings like Weekend and Weekday batches

- Atmost individual care and Individual Focus.


- Quality Training by Experienced Trainers from MNC like tcs, hcl, infosys, wipro, ford etc.,

- Special Discount for students. Quality education does not have to be expensive all the times!