Inplant Training in Chennai for ECE

For inplant training in chennai for ece students trainings in Hardwares and Wireless Communication and Embedded and Network Communication and Micro Controller.
We will train your skills in a better way through our inplant training.

This Training includes the following Certificates and Documents:

  • Inplant Training(IPT) Certificate.
  • Training Documents.
  • Free Workshop Certificate.
  • Sample Resume for Placement.
  • Free Corporate Training Test certificate.
  • Useful Softwares.
  • Inplant Training(IPT) Report.
  • Corporate Training Test Portal Access.
DAY 1 Inplant Training in Chennai for ECE


Introduction to Embedded Systems

Introduction to Arduino

Kit Contents Overview

Arduino IDE & Driver Installation

Arduino Board Overview

Program Structure Overview

Working with Digital Outputs

Circuit #1 - Your First Circuit: Blinking a LED

DAY 2 Inplant Training in Chennai for ECE

Digital I/O's

Introduction to Digital Inputs

Working with switches

Circuit #2 - Multiple LEDs

Circuit #3 - Spinning a Motor

Circuit #4 - Buzzer

Circuit #5 - Photo resistor

DAY 3 Inplant Training in Chennai for ECE

Analog I/O's

Working with Analog Inputs – LDR [Light Sensor]

Circuit #6 - Building A Simple LDR based Lighting Level Controller

Circuit #7- Working with Analog Outputs – RGB LEDs

Circuit #8 - Controlling the blink speed of an LED with Potentiometer

Circuit #9 - Working with Analog Inputs – LM35 [Temperature Sensor]

DAY 4 Inplant Training in Chennai for ECE

Advanced I/O Operations & Displays

Working with Serial Communication

Circuit #10 - Working with Liquid Crystal Displays

Working with 'millis()' and 'micros()'

DAY 5 Inplant Training in Chennai for ECE

Project Building

Building a Custom Project as a Team


  • Bonafide Certificate is not mandatory.


- We will be open on all days including Saturday and Sundays.

- Training Sessions can be schedule even during college holidays such as study holidays and semester holidays.

- Hostel Facilities Available for out station students both boys and Girls near our company.


- Practical and real time Training

- Flexible timings like Weekend and Weekday batches

- Atmost individual care and Individual Focus.


- Quality Training by Experienced Trainers from MNC like tcs, hcl, infosys, wipro, ford etc.,

- Special Discount for students. Quality education does not have to be expensive all the times!